Food, & Nutrition

The research focuses on study of application of phytohormone from natural resources for improvement of agricultural yield. The group also conducted research on development of food and fermented products that have functional properties. Two food main products that are currently investigated are bread with natural antioxidant and yoghurt that has beneficial properties for health. We also applied Other than that, application of bread yeast for bioethanol is currently developed by increasing the stress tolerance of the yeast in order to increase the yield of bioethanol production.

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Recent Publications

Fadhlillah, M., Soemitro, S., & Subroto, T. (2015) Potensi Enzim α-Amilase Dari Bacillus Sp. (TERMAMYL®) Untuk Pemrosesan Tepung Sorgum. Chimica et Natura Acta. 3(3).

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